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Do what you love

I would never try to tell my sons to do what i want them to do. I raised them telling them to do whatever they love and want to do in life because they will be successful and happy. They may not be rich but doing what you love is so much more important and so much more rewarding. Ask yourself if the military is your is for you to decide and no one else. This country was build on individuals like you and it doesn't come easy, it takes hard work and sacrifice. is it worth working two jobs? Sharing a cheap apartment with others and having your freedom also? Finding a small restaurant where the owner will give you a chance to prove yourself and work your way up to manager? Work towards owning your own business?

I have accomplished this with no help from anyone is so satisfying to work hard, rely on yourself and be proud of what you accomplish. It's more difficult to accomplish this in this economy than when I was younger and you can blame our powers to be for that BUT it still can be done. Decide what is best for you and what will make you happy....the easy choice is usually not the right choice but everyone is different.

Just to let you know, both of my sons are sucessful and in different ways. My youngest son is a very talented musician and is living his life's dream. He lives in his van and travels around the country sharing his music with everyone that he can reach, seeing all the beauty this country has to offer and is so happy and so free. He only wants to change the world through his music. He gave up all material things and lives on the generous donations of others that appreciate his music. I am so proud of him.