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I mean no disrespect...

And I do not want to offend you... But I do have to say this.

Voluntarily joining is NOT what Ron Paul did. He was drafted, and went.

If you save the life of a murderer, knowing that they will kill again, doesn't that give you some responsibility in the murders committed thereafter?

I am NOT trying to attack you or your daughter. I am just trying to open eyes. All functionaries, health care providers, logistic support, etc may not carry guns as weapons and actively participate in the murder, but they do facilitate it which makes them as responsible.

And no, I do not sympathize with soldiers on any side for any reason other than self defense.

I keep these opinions to myself when talking about Ron Paul to people, but at the very least WE should be educated on how to end these wars... And it isn't about electing politicians, it is about standing against voluntary slavery in a killing machine.

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