Comment: I won't frustrate myself

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I won't frustrate myself

I have realized this week that my energy needs to be positive or I can't be of any help to Ron Paul or his campaign. I agree that everyone needs to do what helps them but I honestly think that this just gives CNN more attention and more reason to criticize us. What i have dicovered lately has really surprised me and made me smile alot. People are GETTING IT and no longer watching the news on tv and cable.....NONE except maybe a local statation. This is really hurrting the major networks and their sponsers. Eventually they will get it. The only programs that I watch now that are affliated with anything about the news is Jon Stewart, because he gets it and he makes me laugh, and Judge Napalitano. Nothing else except for the internet and I'm still very picky about the internet sites also. I find that my stress levels are going WAY down and it benefits me, those around me and the fight for Freedom.

"Let it not be said that we did nothing" Ron Paul