Comment: For those who don't know about Jan Helfield ...

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For those who don't know about Jan Helfield ...

... he is a libertarian who goes out to interview politicians using the Socratic Method. He asks questions that try to get at the core of the person's philosophy (or lack thereof) and then gets them to contradict themselves because so few politicans have any clue WHY they believe what they do.

Look him up on YouTube for some hilarious politcians' contradictions and some get VERY angry (one guy threatened to throw him out the window; another said it was wrong to steal, and then stole Helfield's camera equipment). LOL.

Barney Frank got cranky. Nancy Pelosi showed that she is a zombie who cannot think. Daniel Inouye (senator from Hawaii) showed he thinks there are no limits at all on government. He got a black congressman to say that membership in a group that is limited to members of one race is racist, but that his membership in the congressional Black Caucus, where only blacks can be members, is not racist.

Funny (and scary) stuff.