Comment: Early Christianity

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Early Christianity

I don't know what faith you are. I consider myself a christian and when I say that I mean 100 to 300 AD.

Do you know why the Romans hated Christians? They hated them because they would not fight in their armies because they thought that murder was murder. Thou shalt not kill applied to the military as far as they were concerned.

This is the real reason Christians were fed to the lions. Later,around 400AD, the Christian Church gave up the anti-war thing and merged with the Roman state. That is why you have the Roman Catholic Church. The state and the Church merged along with millions of pagans. This is why there are so many pagan traditions in all forms of Christianity today.

I will not support or condone our military. Military is for defense only. All the people who call themselves Christians now are mostly apostates and in league with satan. It is bad enough that I am forced to pay taxes to support their evil deeds, but I am forced to do that at a point of a gun so I can't blame myself for that. However, if you do anything to support the miliary beyond what you are forced to do through taxes, I am afraid you are on a slippery slope.