Comment: You were counter-Ron-Pauled! Nice!

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You were counter-Ron-Pauled! Nice!

My friends and I call this sort of thing being "Counter-Ron-Pauled" because we also refer to telling people of Ron Paul as "Ron-Pauling."

It first happened to us when we were driving to Plymouth, New Hampshire to visit another friend, while sporting a Ron Paul car magnet on each door of my Corolla, as well as 2 Ron Paul yard signs in the back windshield and a third Ron Paul yard sign in the drivers-side backseat window. We pulled up to the $1 toll on I-93 in Concord and as I was getting ready to tell the toll attendant to "Consider Ron Paul," he said to me, "Ron Paul, eh? We need more guys like him in Washington!" It was the greatest moment of my life. (That is not an exaggeration either).

The second time I was counter-Ron-Pauled, I was at an Italian restaurant in southern Connecticut with friends, sporting the same car. My friends and I went outside for a cigarette and a minute later another man came out of the restaurant, acting sort-of hostile, asking us questions like why we support Ron Paul. After about 15 minutes of us all trying to convert this man by explaining how awesome Ron Paul is, he stated "I'm a local politician here, I've been a Ron Paul supporter since the 80s." Second greatest moment of my life.