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Comment: Constructive criticism is a good thing!

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Constructive criticism is a good thing!

Complacency is what has led our nation down the road to tyranny and bankruptcy. We cannot and should not allow it in our campaign either.

Don't misunderstand; I am not advocating negativity. But there is a place for constructive criticism in ourselves, our message, and our spokespeople. We owe it to our movement to present our ideas in the clearest and most favorable way possible.

We owe it to Dr. Paul to do our very best in refining the message of liberty. Do we really believe he would want anything less?

Yes–appreciate him for what he is and has done, and recognize his dedication and accomplishments. But do not feel guilty for wishing he had just made that one point, or that he had presented his thoughts slightly more eloquently. Given his incredible work ethic (and his marked improvement with every debate) I think we can be sure he's equally (or more) hard on himself as we are, and strives to improve.