Comment: Upon reading this post..

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Upon reading this post..

I have taken several views from comments and put them into a neutral minded perspective.

Having served in the Marine Corps infantry as a rifleman from 2007-2011,
1.) I'm a killer/murderer who must be 'whacked' out in the head.
2.) I am in fact not considered a Christian by God because I served in our military.
3.) I'm a libertarian sellout to the military industrial complex.
4.) America should in fact have no military AT ALL because war is evil.

Don't get me wrong there were a few neutral and pro joining Air Force comments but for the most part, I had to stop reading because the posts were so bad.. I mean, we judge Grinch, Romney, and Santorum followers and call them misinformed, sheeple, and zombies etc. But let me just say, having read this blog about an issue concerning our military/foreign policy, it's no F ING wonder we have to CONSTANTLY defend Ron Paul's foreign policy stance to everyone and their mothers! Come on, now. It should not be considered a dishonor to ANYONE wanting to join the military unless their intentions are to go destroy human beings in foreign countries. Not every job pertains to sending bullets down range into foreign national's body cavities. Am I a little messed up in the head? Sure. Have I seen and done some things I prefer I hadn't? Absolutely. War is evil and ugly and I happened to choose a job that PERSONALLY partnered me with it. I can honestly say I have lost about 70% of my soul. With the 30% I have left, I dedicate to God (not Satan which is what one post suggested), my family, and now Ron Paul and the fight to restore America. And guess what.. 30/30 % is 100% and as long as I'm giving it my all, to tell someone not to join our nations military and fear mongering them with mostly propaganda is just as bad as the treatment we receive from the other candidates and the MSM and what I took from that comment is the faith of Ron Paul getting the nomination does not exist in a lot of Ron Paul supporters' mentality. If the military hadn't given lengthen skin, I'd be offended and hurt right now. I'd feel like an outcast for what I considered honorable (fighting to protect the Marine to the left and right of me's life). The fact is, America needs a military. The problem isn't the troops, soldiers, sailors, airmen, etc.. It's the abusive military industrial complex and it's leaders who have hijacked our military and a history of weak presidents who have allowed it to happen. I don't know if I'm the only veteran who has felt this way after reading the posts in here, but I have a feeling many would agree. ..*cricket, cricket* ..RON PAUL 2012!!