Comment: I understand where you are coming from

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I understand where you are coming from

Sometimes Dr Paul doesn't do the best in debates.....or sometimes he doesn't get the point out right or I wish he had said something different. But the thing is I know what he means and I know because when you are a Ron Paul supporter you have taken the time to examine the issues and see what he is saying. His fight has been for literally decades. He has been a steady layer of bricks building a manison of liberty......he's not a snake oil salesman...he's not bells and whistles....he's not exciting or particularly witty....but he is certainly thoughtful, deliberate, humble. He has thought things through. When he answers you can tell he has a grasp of issues and deeper understanding of root cause problems - he's not a slogan or sound bite guy. He really is a doctor - even on the politcal playing field. The rest are trying to gain power - he is trying to diagnose problems. In anycase, Dr Paul could go to the debate tonight and stand there and not say a single word. He could say NOTHING. And I would still vote for him.....cause I know where he stands, I can actually trust him, he has integrity, and I dont need a debate sound bite to convince me to vote for him. This is our dilema and strength as Paul supporters. His numbers never go down. People don't come and go in masse with him. They only come into the fold. Once you have taken the time to digest what he is saying and what he believes in and how right he has been on so many issues - you don't leave. Paul supporters don't come and go. But at the same time they don't come in at lightening record speed. There isn't a cheap easy trick to get people in. People support him cause the ideas are right. If you think about it - the Ron Paul movement is almost entirely a movement not about its leader. Paul isn't fancy, flashy, or even charasmatic in his speaches, he doesnt' demagogue issues, and often votes in ways that would alienate people.....the Paul movement is about liberty and ideas. He is the leader - and the banner carrier for liberty....but he isn't trying to get power for himself .....its as if he was made for this role - cause he embodies the role perfectly.....this is a movement about ideas / about liberty / about the constitution.....the others are almost on a popularity contest of some kind and a flavor the week feel...a gingrich supporter today could be a romney supporter tomorrow....Paul supporters stick with him because the message is deeper, more trascendent, more fundamental to the meaning of our lives and freedom.....