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Great post.......

I have been getting more disgusted with the attitude here for a while. I remember someone saying Dr. Paul should stand up straight! Come on! Maybe he should become younger also.

I swear, his supporters can be more harsh than his critics.

For all those complaining about his performances, how about working on your own? Are you seeking office?

Alot of people seem to think if Ron Paul can win, we will be free forever, and if he doesn't win, we'll be slaves forever. That's not how it works.

"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty."
-Wendell Phillips

We could win the revolution this year, and any freedoms gained will be gone the next year if we don't continue to resist nature. By nature, government grows. There is no easy way.

Dr. Paul has created the framework, and we must carry it on! I think we forget how amazing it is that someone with his views is on the national stage. He is against all the big forces, yet he is being heard!