Comment: He's in the spotlight.

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He's in the spotlight.

We se Dr. Paul at his very best and it's easy to expect that "very best" every time. No pitcher throws a perfect game every time. Why should we expect that sort of perfect performance from anyone else? I believe we will do well to remember that though Dr. Paul's message hasn't changed, his conversation often remains fresh and unscripted.
He also has to translate his explanations to layman's terms without undermining their significance. Sometimes he speaks with monetary or legislative terminology that requires me to research to understand what he is saying. Then I think, "His words would fly right over most people's heads! People in this country have been seriously dumbed-down on monetary and legislative issues. They need more basic explanations." Then, after listening to basic explanations and soundbites on the campaign trail, we grow bored and want more education. "Yes, we know about the trillion dollar spending cut, tell us more about experimenting with alternative currencies."
The challenge of exposing the strongest organized crime cartel in the world (our monstrous, needy government,) in layman's terms is no small task. If it was easy, it would have been done already.
He knows what he is doing. Still there's nothing wrong with offering him a suggestion. He's a Congressman, I'm sure he's used to it.