Comment: Would you get that much of a

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Would you get that much of a

Would you get that much of a sign up bonus for joining the Air Force?
I have heard recruiting quotas have been more than met because the economy is bad. So the bonus may be smaller than it used to be.
Would it really put that much of a dent in your student loans?
It seems your main motivation for joining is for financial reasons.
Run the numbers, and research, research, research before you sign up.
Also my father was in the armed services for many years. He was trained in his field of choice, and much to his surprise after training was completed they stuck him in another field that he was not trained in. They stick you wherever they want is my point.
Remember recruiters are like used car salesmen they promise you a lot of things some pan out some don't.
Another possibility is to marry a foreigner for cash, or start a medical marijuana dispensary out of the basement. With your culinary skills I bet you could make some mean weed brownies. j/k :)