Comment: I should have done the same..

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I should have done the same..

I live in Florida and I work right next to where Newt was speaking in Naples. If I didn't have prior plans that I could not miss (I'm studying for the CFA), I was going to do as you did. I was going to wear a Ron Paul t-shirt and go hear Newt speak. If nothing else, I wanted to be a respectful presence for Ron Paul supporters. I feel it is important for us to make our presence known, yet always remain respectful as to never harm the reputation of Dr. Paul with our actions. Especially with Newt, I believe a lot of people go hear him speak even if they aren't planning on voting for him just because he is such a great speaker. I would have gone just to hear him in person, to experience it. I believe that whenever and wherever we can show our support for Paul it is always helpful. You never know, there could be other Paul supporters there also who have come to experience the speech. Your presence could reignite their passion for Dr. Paul and inspire them to do more for the campaign. No effort of support is ever useless.

"Evil requires the sanction of the victim." - Ayn Rand