Comment: Ridiculous

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Look at the corporate mouthpieces blabber on and on and on about Mittens and Newter the Grinch against the backdrop of a vibrant Ron Paul movement. "Let's just pretend it doesn't exist and continue to shore up some fuddy-duddy faux-consevative NOBODIES."

How many people have been changed by the philosophies of Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich?

Not that such a lively showing would ever occur for these two, but if those were Newt or Mitt supporters, the media would be ready to crown them president right then and there, fawning over all the support the neocon stooge is getting. Instead, they just talk over the chants of "end the fed" and chalk it up to college enthusiasm and rebelliousness.

Like the housing bubble, the media is inflating the currency of neocon front runner support. They are selling support where there is none. And, like the housing bubble, if they allow a neocon to get the nomination, the bubble will burst, and Obama will win. It's very likely that 10-15% of ALL voters are till-the-death Ron Paul supporters that will write-in the good doctor before compromising their principles and voting for Mitt or Newt or Rick. Without that 10-15%, the GOP loses. Period.

Alienate Ron Paul and his supporters at your own peril, GOP. But you are snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.