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Remember the hall of

Remember the hall of presidents at disney world? Thats what these debates bring to mind. Three mechanical robots only able to say what has been pre planned and pre scripted well in advance to target the specific state they happen to be in effort to gather more votes by saying what they think people want to hear. Then theres our guy who only speaks from the heart and answers honestly when the questions come up. The truth doesnt have to be scripted and Paul proves that every time he opens his mouth. Sometimes his answers arent what people want to hear and may seem pessimistic but he knows that in order to fix alot of our problems we are going to have to face facts such as being too broke to continue with empire expansion. It boggles my mind that there are actually people in this country who can hear these other warmongers spew out their fake and shifty responses while someone as genuine and caring as Ron Paul shines like the north star, and actually consider voting for the robot clones that cant go five minutes without mentioning Ronald Reagen in an almost religious way.