Comment: this is silly--

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this is silly--

yes, you could use this logic on ANY candidate--

Dr. Paul might feel that God is guiding him in a particular direction, as a Christian as well.

To dig that deeply means that every person will have a higher power (unless they are completely Godless, and in that case, what sort of moral standard do they have?)--

beyond the silliness of the argument--

with regards to Mormonism, you need to understand that Romney's Mormonism is a ruse.
Yes, he was born into a Mormon family; as to whether his father's religion was or was not a ruse, it's hard to say--

but Romney was raised as part of the elite, and his true loyalty lies in that direction.

He, quite literally, gives lip service to his religion. Yes, he wears suits; yes, he smiles benevolently; yes, he more than likely tithes; yes, he probably does not drink or smoke, even coffee or tea; the EASY things I am quite sure Romney is good about doing; he attends church meetings; he does all the external things--

but inside?

No, Romney is a faux Mormon; he is someone who has used his religion to benefit his image--

inside . . . he is full of dead men's bones. I don't think he gives a 'hoot' about what a prophet would say--

his INTEGRITY is what is in question here; not his religion. He uses the parts of his religion that serve him financially and socially and leaves the rest behind--

no fear--

this is, I will use the word again, the silliest reason for rejecting his appropriateness as a candidate for POTUS--

the other reasons are what matters:

he is almost without ethical values in finances

he does NOT understand the constitution

he is led by the PTB

he doesn't have solid principles

those are enough--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--