Comment: Humor is a very effective

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Humor is a very effective

Humor is a very effective tool to convey a message like this. The others looked phony and ridiculous on most answers. Gingrich's best moments was where he agreed with Ron Paul. I also have to say that Romney looked like a moron more than once in this debate, including the time when he made his not-so-subtle insult to Ron Paul on the first lady question. The way that worked out was perfect I think. When the camera panned to Carol Paul, the vast majority of people in America saw that they have a wonderful, normal marriage that they could relate to. Romney's jab was revolting to most sane people. Maybe Mitt gained some support among haughty cocktail partygoers, but the people will side with Paul. If you didn't watch the debate, see the beginning of part 6 for the exchange.

Yesterday was a big day for the movement. The pre-debate energy was electrifying and Dr. Paul did amazing job on the stage. Couldn't have been better. I think a lot of people crossed over to our side.