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Comment: Next time, may I recommend MARSHMALLOW GUNS???!!!

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Next time, may I recommend MARSHMALLOW GUNS???!!!

The reason is... If Sean Hanity-Insanity or Bill ORielly or anyone complains about us it will sound hilariously funny like this.

SH - "Those Ron Paul fans were at it again! Do you know that I got pelted with Marshmallows last night as I came out of my limo to come inside of Fox studios! I mean this is getting out of hand! He had a gun! Sure it was Marshmallow gun apparently but I am telling you this is getting out of hand! First Snowballs and now this! Marshmallows. And why would they shoot pink ones at me?"

ANYONE listening to these two (or more) complain about this will die in hysterical laughter.

Who should be on the "Marshmallow List"? And where can I buy a Marshmallow Gun? Go here for info and links:


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