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My choice not to vote for Paul only is exactly that, my choice. But I would not suggest that as a group or movement we set fire to the bridge before it is even built. I have seen some petitions rolling around the web pledging allegiance to Paul and Paul alone. I don't think that's such a good idea. We are still the minority and something strikes me as sort of wrong to threaten the majority with somehow torpedoing the whole party because 10 to 20% of us have decided to act like political terrorists or petulant children stamping our feet and demanding. We can feel that way and act that way as individuals, but not as a movement or group. We damn sure won't win any hearts or minds that way and remember this movement is about liberty in the long haul, not immediate satisfaction in the next year. Give them a chance to pucker up and kiss our asses first before we decide to take our marbles and go home. But never turn our backs on them or trust them.