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Comment: Anyone see the video who's

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Anyone see the video who's

Anyone see the video who's pic came up after this one showing Dr. Paul in front of a Confederate flag? Doesn't look good, and the person posting it is using it to totally defame Dr. Paul. But if you actually watch the video, everything Dr. Paul says to this group (I wish I knew who they were) is correct! It just looks so bad, especially in light of these newsletters, that he's giving a speech in front of a Confederate flag. Here's the link:

Also, if you haven't read the book, "The Real Lincoln" by DiLorenzo, you really should. It will completely blow your mind as far as what you thought you knew about the "Civil" War and the causes leading up to it. Dr. Paul actually mentioned this book in an interview on PMSNBC back about 2007 in stating that there were better ways to end slavery than the loss of 600,000 American lives and that the war was not started or fought over slavery in the first place.

Another excellent book on the subject is this:

It's my opinion Lincoln should be remembered as The Great Usurper instead of The Great Emancipator, but then it's the victors who write history.

I found at another posting of this (they've been going up like crazy in the last week) that this speech was made in 2003. What a different world we had in 2003. Today, the "Stars and Bars" is practically considered on par with the Swastika to the left and other political opportunists of all stripes. Nine years ago, it was a statement of southern pride and heritage. What the hell's a congressman from Texas doing at a thing like that? LOL

Still, though, through today's lens, it does look bad.