Comment: So Then This (Recount) Is Over?

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So Then This (Recount) Is Over?

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I can see that RON PAUL has divorced himself from closer examination of facts and figures (the numbers) in Iowa and New Hampshire // so that means that this recount effort is over, isn't that right?

It certainly would be nice if the playing field was as HONEST as I believe RON PAUL is, and his outlook on the world is; unfortunately, I believe there are truly really bad people out there in the world that are greedy and sneeky and skillful and capable of all kinds of bad things -- even when it comes to taking advantage of an honest person.

I know we all must respect our man's wishes (and I sincerely do) BUT DAMN when (??) will this good against evil ever get a fair playing field if we continue to accept the odds stacked against us as they surely are.

Don't you just think that all the questionable history of those lousy Diebold machine use and the rumors of what got all this started in the first place and those related rumors of GWB stealing the earlier election process away from the People -- might be reason for serious concern here, folks.

Not trying to stir up a hornet's nest -- Just wanting what's fair to be fair (for both sides fair). I don't see how something like that can be a wrong thing to ask for.

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