Comment: I wonder how long before the MSM uses this non-issue?

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I wonder how long before the MSM uses this non-issue?

Judge Andrew Napolitano makes exactly the same points on his "Presidents' Day" 2011 broadcast, only he goes much further, calling Lincoln a "tyrant" and "our worst President".

The motif is unfortunate, though historically accurate. The Confederate cause was an imperfect one, as it was marred by slavery; however, it was far nobler than the Northern cause. After all, several slave states remained with the Union. One element that must be kept in mind is that those who fought for the Union committed treason; because, by their very stated cause (i.e., preserving the union), they were waging war upon citizens of the states.

Two personal side notes. I wasn't aware of Spooner, the abolitionist who sided with the Confederacy. However, that was precisely and is precisely my personal stance. Furher, a head of a debating team, I made exactly the same argument that Dr. Paul does. Had Lincoln been sincere about "freeing the slaves," he should have compensated Southern slave holders. While slavery is and should have always been a repugnant institution, it was legal and should have been settled with respect to "property rights." That it was not is testimony to Lincoln's and the "radical Republicans'" true intentions and they should have all been publicly hanged as a lesson to the banking interests and those who advocate tyranny under the guise of a "strong central government."