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Comment: Politely disagree with premise.

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Politely disagree with premise.

There was a time when I would have agreed with this 100 percent. Now I do not and here is why.

People sometimes use the Bible at times as a matrix or grid. They substitute people or situations, plug them in and think all is ok and applicable to any situation.

I urge caution with this. Timothy was speaking about preserving and caring for the church, not the state. When people see these interchangeably, they can slip into the mindset of expecting their govt. to behave like a benevolent king or God with pure intentions like they would a pastor or priest. This is why many evangelicals are mixed up about fairth, religion, secular govt. and the like.

It is important to separate. Ron Paul delineated this best in the last debate when he said that his faith had everything to do with his character as a person and how he relates to people and the world around him but only the oath of office, of protecting the constitution, is what would guide his policy decisions in office.

We can judge a person's character by his personal life. Ron Paul has an excellent character and this strength would be great to have in the White House, but I would not use the church test for eldership as a main criteria because it is equally importatnt to have someone with a strong commitment to the constitution as Dr. Paul has.