Comment: The solution to slavery is not

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The solution to slavery is not

slavery of a different group.

I like the solution followed by other countries, of buying slaves and setting them free.

I hate the solution assumed to have been followed here, refusing otherwise free men to secede from the nation. Of course, that was not the facts. Lincoln would have countenanced slavery, it was allowing free men to secede that was his problem. Slavery was grafted on afterwards to morally justify one of the largest wholesale killing, terror operations ever in our history.

I guess if you really wanted to kill people to end slavery, you could have killed them, freed the slaves, and then allowed the South to secede, if they wanted to. That would have coincided with a consistent principle of freedom.

But to enslave the south, and us all by announcing that no American can ever leave the Union without being faced with being murdered, was replacing one form of slavery with another.

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