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We are going to win.

I have talked to a lot of Ron Paul supporters, and as individuals, they all say the same thing. They will only vote for Ron Paul.

I have also talked to a lot of people who want anyone but Obama. They will vote for Ron Paul if they have to.

I think it's safe to say that our next President will be either Paul or Obama. No one else can win without us, and we won't vote for them. It doesn't matter what it sounds like. It is as close to being an actual fact as it can possibly be without a crystal ball. And this is not a secret we can keep - we talk about it all the time! :-D

The Republican party is trying to convince us, and everyone else, that we can't win, but we can count, so we know it is not true. They are hopeless without us, but they will keep this up until the very last minute in hopes that either Obama or Paul hangs himself, but neither will. So at the last minute, we will take the nomination with our 20-30%, and then we will win the White House. This is simple math. Ron Paul supporters don't flip-flop. Our numbers are solid and growing.

Let them resent us and badmouth us for being stubborn. I think they already know we're going to win, and they're just laying the groundwork for salvaging whatever they can when the dust settles.

We are literally making history, resuscitating the Constitution so our kids can be free, and that is something to be proud of. :-)