Comment: actually this thread should feature all three

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actually this thread should feature all three

videos in context.

Your Reuters link is the more crucial one.

If one only watches the Soledad O'Brien's interview, The Welches come off a lot more condescending than if one actually read their Reuters OpEd, as well as your link for the accompanying video.

What they're doing is clear. The Establishment Ruling Class is GENUINELY scared sh*tless of Dr. Paul. Not so much that Romney would lose, but if Doc truly were to go 3rd party, their puppet oBUHSma's 2nd term is not completely certain. They're putting out the meme that the Doc will only shave off votes from Wrongney, but actually, in fact, IF the Doc were to go 3rd Party, Obama has as much to fear. We all know that Romney is nothing but a Ringer for WallSt.Banksters' puppet Obama. They play this game to keep the charade going.

However, what was without a doubt clear was the subtlety of the tone if one watched that rabid neocon prick Eric Bolling interviewing the Welches on the same issue.

When Eric Bolling tried to lead Jack Welch to basically admit that what he actually is trying to say is to tell Dr. Paul to "drop out," but before Bolling could complete the phrase "drop out" Jack immediately, assertively emphatically stated that "NO, I'm not telling Ron Paul to drop out!" He proceeded to state that Dr. Paul should drop out ONLY under Dr. Paul's own sole discretion. That part is important, as Jack Welch is basically trying to communicate to us that 'We're not gonna overtly treat Ron Paul & his supporters like sh*t anymore.' That was out of cautious respect. At least that was the impression that he WANTED us to get, regardless of whether the sentiment was feigned, or not.

They know Dr. Paul CANNOT be bought. And they made sure to point that out too. The Wife, Suzy was emphatic that they not offer the Doc some superficial consolation prize. They made sure to communicate that GOP would have to meet him halfway or all the way on POLICY shift.

Pretty big 'olive branch.'

But they know it's not gonna work! LOL

oh, this ought to be fun, fun, fun!

The Incorruptible, Immutably Principally Consistent Dr. Paul vs. a bunch of loser sellouts trying to plead with him to not destroy them.

Hm... who has the leverage now?


Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul