Comment: I'm in a horrific financial state right now.

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I'm in a horrific financial state right now.

But this agency is what turned me from a solid Ron Paul supporter into a fanatical Ron Paul Acolyte. I remember the rage I felt for days after I found out what was going on.

Did anyone sign the petition to abolish the TSA? Do you know what they did? DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE HELL THEY DID?! They sent a form letter in response from JOHN PISTOLE explaining to the tax cattle why they he and his minions were necessary, and why submitting to institutionalized sexual degradation was our patriotic duty. The audacity of these people is astounding.

So screw the finances. Here's 20.12 to end the TSA. Rich or poor, I'll be dancing on the grave they're digging for themselves on the day Ron Paul kicks their fascist asses into it.