Comment: Don't know where to start with Welsh.. Perhaps GE capital or

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Don't know where to start with Welsh.. Perhaps GE capital or

sale of plastics to Saudi's, his personal life makes Newt's and McCain's look kind. I guess the worse thing about Welsh is he is the poster boy for turning a company into a huge corporate welfare warfare company.. GE capital, Ge insurance created more insiders deals that privatized crony capital in power generation, media. The company has done absolutely nothing to enhance there infrastructural companies, in fact their FED crony capital leasing has created the biggest mechanism for key manufactures in Japan, Germany, Korea to pass every aspect of control and equipment. The engines has competed but at the cost of huge war spending basis. If you want to get a good handle on welsh go to you local appliance store and compare GE to any I mean any product on the market... Ge appliances make the lowest Chinese brands look like fantastic in comparison..... GE is Detroit before the partial turnaround. and then the NBC propaganda machine of the usury sector... I don't know who Welch and his trophy wife think they influence but it is not average Americans... GE has done very well in the military profiteering and debt crimes for share holders from 1970-2000 but that is 1/3 of 2000 levels.. I don't think the world in general (and second trophy wife) want to hear from Welsh.. JACK YOUR ON CNBS BECAUSE YOU USE TO RUN THE PLACE... Go away Jack... The thirty thousand plastics employees an any share holder since 2000 feels pain in their pension funds and wallets.. GE last 12 years 40% down and dividend yield way down (thanks FED).. The point being Jack is a Fraud who cares what he says.