Comment: Is Obama the real nuclear option?

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Is Obama the real nuclear option?

I am in the same boat as many RP supporters. If he does not get the nomination and does not go third party (A very small chance). Who do I vote for? I am tired of voting for the lesser of two maybe I will vote for the greater of two that would be the real nuclear option ...OBAMA! At least this would be the nuclear option as far as Carl Rove is concerned, but anyone who thinks there is a difference between Barack And Mitt watches too much TV.

If Obama gets a second term the country will be on life support if not destroyed by then.

The benefits would be:

No incumbent to run against
Another failure of the establishment candidate
If the country is in worse shape A demand for "real"change
Our grassroots coalition will be active on the presidential choice in 4 instead of 8 years
Perhaps the death of the neocon agenda and hopefully not having to see Bill Crystal

With cancer sometimes they bring the patient close to death to destroy the cancer, perhaps this is the only option we have to save our country


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