Comment: The problem with perceived racism

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The problem with perceived racism

is that it is always aimed at white people. The liberal establishment loves to use the race card for political gain but the black community is the most racist. We have groups like the NAACP, Black police union, Congressional Black Caucus, etc... These are politically motivated racist organizations that are totally accepted by this country.
I remember a few years back when some "black leaders" in the Houston area had a "black leaders" meeting and they threw out white reporters for trying to cover the event. Where was the outcry? Where was the anger at such a racist action? What were they planning behind closed doors that they didn't want white America to know?
It is the black community who keeps the race issue alive because it is a meal ticket for so many. Where would Jesse Jackson or so many others like him if they didn't have the race card.

Racism has always existed but whites have been singled out because they have traditionally held high positions. But now that blacks share in the power they are not held to the same standard and their racism is accepted and even encouraged.

I would say that racism is alive and well in this country it's just now more obvious that it's not a one way street. And now being accepted it is worse. The brain washing has worked well for the PTB. Did you really resist it?