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What does genital

deformity have to do with it except that it is also abnormal? Just because you have a physical deformity doesn't mean you are deviant. A persons actions are what makes them deviant.

And no matter what you or anyone else says there is no way that a genetic deformity causes people to want same sex relations. Just because some men are born more feminine and some women are born more masculine does not make them homosexual. But the deviants would like you to believe it does. What comes next? Rape-aphobes? Beastial-aphobes. Pedophile-aphobes?

Maybe I did read wrong when you said "We are recovering from a history of racism and have yet to tackle homophobia". If I did I am sorry but that doesn't change my position on the subject.

The world has been and is being brainwashed and if you don't believe me then go back and watch every episode of your favorite television show or sitcom or movie and show me one, just one that casts a bad light on the homosexual character. Show me one that casts anyone who doesn't accept their deviance in a good light. Go back and watch the old ones from the 70s and earlier and up until now. You will begin to realize just how brainwashed society really is.