Comment: I did not say that "we have yet to tackle homophobes."

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I did not say that "we have yet to tackle homophobes."

Edit: I now realize I used that phrase to describe society at a time period. Regardless of one's views on homosexuality, as a society it was still "in the closet" and now it is not. Now on to my rant.

It is my medical training you are going to have an issue with, here. The abnormality that causes mixed gender ot neutral gender does not stop at the genitalia. These people are abnormal all the way to their chromosomes. They are a "deviation from the norm" but they are exactly as their Creator created them. What kind of sex is OK for them in your narrow view?
Now, there is a physical range of sexuality. That is a fact. The sequence that decides if we are "boy" or "girl" is oversimplified as "X" or "Y" but we are really a series, and we might be XXXX, XXXY, XXYY, XYYY, or YYYY. XXXX and YYYY will be totally boy or girl, everyone else will be somewhere in between. MOST of us are in between.
As for open displays of sexuality, DON'T ASK DON'T TELL is a great idea. If 2 people are born with penis and ovaries, and they find love and quietly live their life, why do you care? The problem is when we want the government to sanction this marriage and negate that one - who is the government to define ANYTHING about my sex life or my morals?
One last point - a person who feels homosexuality is a sin against God is not necessarily a "homophobe." I know doctors who are afraid to touch patients who appear gay, they are that afraid of catching AIDS. It is an irrational fear, "appearing" gay is not being gay and being gay is not being HIV positive. It is an irrational fear of homosexuals. It is homophobia.
Funny thing is, I agree with your general thought. We are sliding toward normalizing pedophilia and such, that is why it is so important to clarify what is a variation from the norm and what is actually deviant.

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