Comment: I was beaten up . . .

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I was beaten up . . .

on the playground for playing with a Hispanic child--

the memory is always there--

We didn't have any black children in our school; I am older than fishy; there was an Asian child, though, and when I tried to talk to him--

he acted afraid.

So I left him alone.

Later, my family moved, and we lived in an area where there were black kids. A black kid and I wanted to hang out together during gym class, and the black friends told the black student to stay away from me, because I was 'white'--

Fact is; I am of mixed race from one hundred and fifty to two hundred years ago--Asian and black--

but I look white, and my family passed for white; I had one older relative who didn't look white, and his life was hard for him in a white family/culture.

I never understood, ever. I never 'got' racism, and I can remember arguing with college roommates over it; I was always in trouble for my racial ideas, and I didn't find out about my own family's mixed blood until I was older--I was the one my elderly relative chose to tell about our family's 'secret'--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--