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Are you serious?

Look you clearly have never worked on a SERIOUS campaign for political office before. The people who align themselves in the "9/11 truthers" and Builderbergers conspiracy types thats fine. They can go believe that stuff and preach and whatever...but please don't do it in Ron Paul's name or the campaign. It torpedo's any serious prospects that anything has.

The general public not only thinks the 9/11 truth campaign thing is absurd, I think they find the notion obscene. I include myself amongst said public that finds the notion that 9/11 was some "vast evil government conspiracy" absolutely crazy.

So yes I consider the "9/11 truthers" a bunch of fruits. You're exactly right.

Ron Paul should run as far away and as fast as possible from the 9/11 people they will only sink his credibility further.

I didn't join this campaign as a volunteer because I want to destroy the new world order or other nonsense I joined this campaign because I believe in liberty and freedom. I joined it because I want to eliminate the income tax and end the war in Iraq. I joined it because I believe that people should be responsible for themselves and not the government.