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Latest Update!

We have left Texas and are heading east on I-10. Thank you everyone who has supported us so far, you all are the only way things will change. We have been in contact with some people on the ground in NH, they just had a meeting with the Sec. of State and trust us, there is alot more tension up there than has been shown on this post. The State has the spot light on them and they don't like it. And they shouldn't! They knowingly used faulty machines that are banned in other states. To think we have to pay them to do what they should have done right in the first place, but I digress.

Our point is this: voter fraud affects all of us, if we have a chance to stop it now, we must take it. This is not about a single man, or a single political party. This is about our trust in government.

And if you haven't seen it check out this article by Devvy Kidd:

Granny Warrior

Granny Warrior