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Comment: Welcome back, none.

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Welcome back, none.

Sounds like you've got The Most Dangerous Superstition just about committed to memory. Good on you.

I do understand the point you're making, but think Dr. Paul is an exception to the general rule; he's one man who will not make choices which impair other people's liberty. He will make decisions which will affect other people, certainly, and sometimes in ways those people do not appreciate, also true. He will do things like stopping wars, firing bureaucrats, ending taxation and subsidies and bailouts of all kinds, ending foreign aid, etc. The people who formerly received or benefited from such evil or stolen largess will surely be unhappy. Tough. The "wishes" that thieves and murderers have to continue their thieving and murdering are inimical to civilized society, and it is precisely such things that Dr. Paul ought to fight as President.

Here is why Dr. Paul can be trusted, in a single sentence.

I agree that the precedent of voting for ANY leader is a bad one; but I think the particular case of Ron Paul is a clear choice of self-defense, rather than aggression.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose