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That was a great read and I

That was a great read and I think I'll definitely pick up this book now if nothing less to speed up my studies. However, I really disliked Wilson's mass bias and snobbery in the review. He says:

"The Federalist, which we see cited all the time as the key to the Constitution is speculation and was never ratified by anybody. But handicapped thinkers read Madison’s philosophical ruminations, nearly all of which have been proved superficial and wrong, and imagine themselves participating in deep thoughts about government and learning about the true Constitution."

I disagree. I think this is what makes the Federalist such a great counter source to those who distort the constitution. They respect these papers and right within them are the pro-ratifiers own admissions and explanations of the limited role the federal government was supposed to play. In other words, I think you can argue the position that Wilson makes in his review simply by using the Federalist papers themselves.

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