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DP Commenter Voting History

29% - Baldwin, 143 (Ron Paul personally endorsed)
22% - Write in, 110 (anyone including a dog)
12% - McCain, 60
10% - Obama, 48
8% - Barr, 39 (Ron Paul 3rd party endorsement)
7% - Didn't vote, 37
5% - Nader, 27 (Ron Paul 3rd party endorsement)
5% - Paul, 26 (on ballot, or official write in)
2% - McKinney, 8 (Ron Paul 3rd party endorsement)

498 Total

I only counted one vote per commenter, even when mentioning they knew of others that voted. I only counted general election votes. When mentioning only a vote for a primary candidate, I counted it along with those that didn't vote in the general. If a commenter mentioned a candidate not on any general ballot, I included it as a write in. Most of the write-ins were for Ron Paul.