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Dear Sir and fellow supporter of Ron Paul. If we except each other as we are, without name calling it would serve us all well. You believe on 911 the buildings fell the way the government and media said they did. I will not hold it against you for supporting this conspiracy theory. The recount is not to look back and say we won it is to show that it was done with error and that it must be corrected for the future. So we are looking ahead by learning from the past and applying the fixes that are needed. If the vote tallying is really broken then no one's vote counts for anything. Can you agree with this?

Best wishes to you. Keep on supporting Ron Paul he is supported by many from all walks of life ad does not need to separate himself from any. He has the support because of what you said. Why you support him is why I support him. If I am in a looney bin it is not a reflection on Ron Paul and his goals and message. He said it best at the last debate... Why are you even asking me about my supports beliefs.. They can believe what they want I do not believe 911... Can I please get in the debate and talk about the issues.. OK Paraphrased but that is what I think he said or got across in the end.. The question was BS and I am sick of this kind of politics...