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BUMP of the day...

Because this is how we win.

The RNC in Florida is not a giant pep is the place where the real vote matters.

These primaries and caucus' are important because they decide HOW many delegates Dr. Paul gets..but remember this as well...

(To make the math easy..let's say you need 100 for the nomination)

Let's say
Romney has 60 delegates, but only 10 of them are totally bound.

Gingrinch has 45 delegates, with 5 totally bound.

Paul has 15 delegates, with 4 totally totally bound.

(and for shits and giggles let's say there are 10 super delegates.) first vote (let's say the super delegates all go with Romney)would look like this:

Romney = 70
Gingrinch = 45
Paul = 15

Since no one got the 100 delegates a second vote happens.
On the second vote a good bit of the delegates are now unbound. For this example let's say every damn delegate there was a Ron Paul supporter except the super delegates...then the final vote would look like this:

Romney = 20
Gingrinch = 5
Paul = 105 (which makes him the winner with 5 to spare)

This is why even if Romney wins your is important that YOU are a delegate. Sure, you might have to vote once for that POS...but, chances are good that it will go to a second vote or more..and you might be "unbound" by then. Check your State's rules on delegates...then get out there and be one...NO MATTER WHO WINS YOUR STATE. We need our voices there no matter what.