Comment: It's About the Work; It's About The Message

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It's About the Work; It's About The Message

This quotation from our champion is spoken with a calm fervor projected from an inner strength of conviction. Liberty and freedom cannot be measured like an economic statistic. It is a knowing of the natural right of every American's personal independence. Dr. Paul is fearless in the face of the establishment. His words are matched by his deeds and love for the republic and its history of limited constitutional government.

We, as Dr Paul's supporters, are committed to carry on his operosity far beyond this campaign. We must educate the citizenry, especially our children to be ever vigilant when government proclaims to give a benefit to the public. How will they fund it? What is the cost of the bureaucracy that must be created to administer it? What authority will this agency and its agents of power have and what controls will be implemented to keep it from abusing the rights of the people? We must be disciplined to ask critical, probing questions of the political ringmasters, something corporate "journalists" have long forgotten how to do.

This movement is the start of a new genesis that will transcend the rote trappings of a presidential election. We are the new patriots of our own destiny. We must use every platform of communication to alert the population and inspire them to question the daily government dogma.

We must breathe the fresh air of freedom and eat the food of liberty to keep our independence alive. We must also teach our fellow Americans to do the same.