Comment: I simply do not understand

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I simply do not understand

I simply do not understand this post...Ron Paul raised over $13 million in the last quarter that just ended! 2nd only behind Romney. The "No One But Paul," Money Bomb is scheduled for Feb. 14th. January is THE toughest economic month for almost every American! Everyone's paying off their Christmas and holiday expenses, and it takes the whole month of January to recoup their losses.

I own a business and have not been able to donate as of late because the end of the year is a real you know what. Every insurance bill comes due, and the taxes are even higher because the 4th quarter is usually the highest sales months for most businesses simply because of the holidays. I am happy to say that all my bills are now paid, and I will be donating 201.12 on Valentine's Day.

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.