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Very true, Here is a good / legal solution

Yes you guys are right about copyright. There is a tiny bit of leeway for "editorial" usage, but not a lot. Even using a photo for non commercial use w/ out ASKING and receiving permission from the owner / copyright holder is wrong. If you are making and selling a product you're even in more trouble...

THE GOOD NEWS, is there are people like me who are commercial photographers who might have high quality photos available for use if you ask or if you don't profit. from them.

One such photographer with a LOT of great Paul photos is Gage Skidmore, also based in my town Phoenix, Arizona. - Looks like most of his images are "creative commons" which means you have to credit him / link to him and not have your work as the same type of CC license. -->

So go knock yourselves out with his photos if you follow his rules. Personally I don't use ANY CC at all because people are stupid and don't know that this is still for "non commercial use"... just about ALL my photos are available for commercial use, but people have to contact me and get rates, terms etc. I'll often let bloggers use my photos(s) for editorial use for some "link love" .