Comment: I am NOT "gonna go out on a limb," and EMPHATICALLY state

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I am NOT "gonna go out on a limb," and EMPHATICALLY state

that NV Caucuses were STOLEN. Period.

Stop living in denial.

Just like in Iowa, when the official RP2012 internal polling and the exit poll conflict with the final result, which always either flips the Doc's number with the next RINO scumbag for either 2nd or 3rd, you know it's screwy.


Dr. Paul is not some fluffy in-denial politician who wants to hear inflated numbers for his ego. He is as straight shooter as you get. He is all about Reality! We all know this!

And guess who his internal pollster is: Fritz Wenzel, who worked with Zogby International, arguably the ONLY trustworthy 'scientific' polling company! Barring his Noe scandal, as far as Wenzel's actual professional polling work goes, he's very good at what he does.

For those of you who maybe inclined to search DP, I've made a few threads in regards to how all polls are by definition "push polls," but of those, Zogby still remains the best in the nation. And, Fritz used to work with Zogby. So that should tell you something.!/fritzwenzel

Given all this, it is damn near INCONCEIVABLE that RP2012 official internal polling would be off by 'that' much.

And for those living in denial it's time to wake the F' up and get active, especially if you live in the next coming caucus states. No if's, and's or but's.

My dearest R3VOL, we CANNOT let this shenanigans happen, again and again and again!

With or without the official RP2012 campaign doing this on their own, for EVERY election coming up, including the primaries, we need R3VOL attending caucuses and primaries to FILM EVERY PRECINCT!

Especially at Caucus sites, film every ballot count and recount, then set up a central tabulation center of your own for your county precincts. So that you'll have a centrally tabulated vote count to compare what the official GOP country party's numbers are, as well as the final State's tabulated numbers.

We ALL know this, if not should already, that at the caucuses are not where it is, or can be stolen. It is at the usually secret GOP party HQ central tabulation locale, as was the case in Iowa.

And please, don't live in denial with Iowa. It WAS stolen. Period.

Now at Party HQ central tabulation locale, they're merely getting phoned in the final tally numbers from respective precincts. The ONLY way we gonna have proof or 'catch them in the act' is, WHEN the on-the-ground caucus ballot count is finalized and is publicly announced on a projection screen or wherever they're counted in a room with campaign and R3VOL reps observing, and we're able to compare the number being called OUT from a precinct to the party HQ.

So, I'd recommend that 1st, establish your own local R3VOL central tabulation locale or procedure. Then, RECORD the final tally at your local precinct, then Tweet it, email it, or whatever. Publicly send that number out with a very short video verification on YouTube or some other public video upload site with Precinct number and final count.

As for the Party HQ central tabulation locale, DEMAND that either the official campaign AND MINIMUM of TWO (in case the count goes on like in NV, and one needs to rest; you cannot let anything get out of your sights! 3 is really ideal) grassroots R3VOL representative there, during the count process.

Just ask yourselves. How in the world can NV GOP be expected to be taken seriously when they didn't even announce a result, before RE-counting?

How can here be a "re-count," when there weren't even a "count?"

Ask yourselves, WHY would the NV GOP NOT publish what their initial numbers are, unless they don't want the rest of the world know what the initial results were?

That, should be a common sense "WTF!"-moment.

Then to make matters worse, regardless of whether Amy Tarkanian, the Clark County GOP Chairwoman, previously scheduled to help out her hubby running for Senate race or not, it is politics.

What you DON'T do as a political operative is 'resign' AT MIDNIGHT as the Clark County GOP chair in the middle of a controversial "recount," especially considering the circumstances of Iowa GOP chairman 'resigning' after the stolen election and botched count there. Which communicates to ANYONE, that a possibility also exists that Clark County, too can be stolen!

If you WANT to raise 'conspiracy theories,' yes, be a MORON and declare a "re-count" when you've never released an initial final tally. Then, in midst of vote fraud rumors flying high, have your county party chairperson, in middle of a two day long recount, 'resign' at midnight!

Besides, whoTF resigns at midnight? Can you make it seem anymore shadier if you were writing a pulp-fiction?

When it walks like a fraud, quacks like a fraud, it's a motherf'ng fraud, capice?

No denial R3VOL. Get real here.

And, does ANYONE credit Mr. True who exposed the fact that Iowa awarded Wrongney erroneously, is a Ron Paul supporter?

Mr. True goes to the heart of this movement's integrity! Representin'

Like it or not, if it weren't for Mr. True, Wrongney would still be the declared winner. He exposed it, even though it doesn't help the RP2012 campaign and in some sense, can arguably harm it, as it kept Frothy in longer.

But his integrity compelled him to do what was RIGHT, just like the Doc would. So proud of him for that.

But the real point of all this? If such glaring fraud happened in one precinct in IA, you better believe the high likelihood of that happening else where in IA.

Now I personally contend that the Doc won in Iowa. But regardless, it is because of the integrity of the R3VOL that the final result got fixed. Think on that for a bit.

So consider that reality: how much ballot count integrity and recording and publishing the record publicly can maintain the fairness of the caucus process.

So recap:

1. Establish a R3VOL central tabulation procedure for ALL your precincts in your caucus state.

2. DEMAND that you have minimum of TWO R3VOL reps at your caucus state's GOP HQ central tabulation locale. As the final tallies from respective precincts are being called in, make sure you communicate with a R3VOL at EVERY precinct to confirm the number being called in via Tweet, email, text, phonecall or whatever.

3. At the respective precincts, have minimum of TWO R3VOL record EVERY count, recount, and final vote tally. Then publish it publicly, immediately.

Anything I missed, please recommend your ideas.

This NEEDS to be done folks. Now go get'em R3VOL! Go! Go! Go!

We MUST WIN the Presidency. Period. Just remember, otherwise, it's WW3 starting with Iran abroad, and NDAA PoliceState at home.

That should be your motivation enough.

Now let's go win this thing!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul