Comment: Has anyone posted to Bunce on facebook?

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Has anyone posted to Bunce on facebook?

I don't do facebook but I'll bet a lot of people here do:

Question number one should be this: where were the largest discrepancies between the committed voters on your list, and the reported vote totals?

Question number two: what is being done, and what can be done, to follow up with those voters?

Either the votes were cast but not counted, or something went badly wrong with the GOTV effort, and either way this is good information to pursue. Let's bring this to his attention. This is the first (potentially) verifiable evidence so far. "The crowds were too big for me to believe the numbers" won't stand up in court.

With Bunce's list, and a large discrepancy, in some precincts this might take nothing more than a few dozen phone calls in order to start getting some hard data.