Comment: Fraud? Here's the chance to PROVE it

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Fraud? Here's the chance to PROVE it

And prove it in a way that would stand up in court.

Carl Bunce is on our side. He's the Nevada chairman for the campaign. He has a list of committed voters. If any precinct dumped votes for Ron Paul, the actual voters are probably for the most part ON THAT LIST. Contacting a relatively small number of people in some of the precincts that look fishiest could easily lead to the first HARD DATA showing fraud.

I created a twitter account this morning, just to contact him (cbunce31). I don't know what hashtags to use or anything else, but someone explain it and I'll tweet again.

I created a facebook account this morning, just to post something on his wall ( Unfortunately ... I haven't figured out how to post there yet! But it looks like nobody else has tried to post there either.

His phone number and email address are available here:
I emailed him this morning.

I don't see any other tweets to him (but maybe I'm just not using twitter correctly), and nothing on his facebook wall (but again, I may just not be using it correctly). Has anyone else tried to pursue this?