Comment: First of all Ron Paul did

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First of all Ron Paul did

First of all Ron Paul did better than you guy realized in Nevada, there was much less turnout of voters so that mean he got a larger slice of a smaller pie while Romney lost more than 5000 votes. Also, you can't just straight up compare '08 and '12 if you don't put in the total of voters between '08 and '12. In other words, Paul not only increased his numbers in the 5 states so far (Nevada included) but did so with much less voters. That's much more impressive than Romney.

Also about the Nye County, the caucus this year was in early morning on a Saturday, which means that yes, tell them to vote for Paul is one thing but getting them to actually go to vote is another thing. It happens to the other candidates too so don't feel like Paul is the only one with the misfortune.

"The true Patriot will repeal the Patriot Act..." - Ron Paul.