Comment: Beyond the incompetentcy

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Beyond the incompetentcy

consider that the turnout in NH was just a few thousand over the level in 2008, this at a point when the race was still considered wide open after the near threeway in IA.

Salamander pulls out SC.

Then they go to FL. At that point you would think turnout would at least match 2008 but no, in 2008 there were 1.95M votes, in 2012 1.67 with Mittens winning easily.

So am I surprised that turnout in NV was down in general and lower than the RP local people thought? Not at all. For the non-RP people, they see Romney as inevitable so it would take extra motivation to get up and vote for Gingrich or Santorum. For the RP supporters.. yes most are dedicated but I think that the SC and FL results took a lot of steam out of things. Those on the edges probably did something else with their time. views on finance, politics and science