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This has been

This has been amazing......I'll start with the articulated wording and actions by each Iowa, then of course Nevada, which was a given that there would be some miraculous crazy undoing that had to be fixed....Oh no I mean later verified as if that makes one more comfortable. If I said in the next caucus a truck the size of a fed-ex vehicle was found stuffed holding Ron Paul votes , it would take 24 possibly 48 hrs and it would all be labeled a mistake and to think differently you would be called paranoid or a kook even conspiracy theorist to believe the GOP and the establishment are in concert to avoid giving Ron Paul any momentum or success that could draw attention to his voice in the campaign. Here's a perspective, 'What if Paul would have been ahead by 47% to 50% after only a 3% tally at the start in Nevada? do you think all networks would have called it for Paul and shut down and moved on to other stories conveniently while they worked it out. A 3rd for Paul was their goal for perception to the people no matter what it takes. The post's on here about "hey let's keep our chin's up we lost or took third let's move to the next one" " were to paranoid" "there is still more caucus's" "more delegates" I honestly think some of these post's come from non-Paul people who are plant's on here just to keep honest supporters of Paul from getting absolutely side-ways angry at the suppression of their votes to keep the status quo intact and stop civil un-rest !!! ( Just my two cent's).

Ron Paul 2012