Comment: The Reason we don't know the real vote counts,

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The Reason we don't know the real vote counts,

is do to the fact, people have relied on 'high school' experienced state campaign people for vote monitoring, instead of a 'professional' vote monitor. This is the 'Big Leagues', for GOP nomination for President of the USA, not a small congressional race, we need a professional!
I'm kind of confused, because the vote descrepency in Iowa, by True, was found, exposed and was changed to Santorum victory, due to the advisement of Jim Condit Jr. at or his home site
If people would have followed his advisement on vote monitoring, we might of found Dr Paul was the 'real' winner or atleast the count was accurate. Why aren't we following his lead, after he has proven his methods work? The question being, do you want to follow these inexperienced campaign people and lose from 'vote fraud' or do you want to follow a professional and win?????????? I Want to WIN!!!

PS:Don't be fooled by the BS of him being a racist and an anti-Semite, because it's the same game used on Dr Paul, Buchanan, and anybody else who threatens their Fascist system of takeover.